Seminars and Classes
Blood Borne Pathogen Prevention Training
includes Infection Control and Sterilization Methods.
The cost for the class is $40 per person and includes a
certificate and CD of all the materials presented.
This class is a 2 hour course it be held Friday at noon.
Please contact Chrys at the link below to sign up for
this class.
Blood Borne Pathogen Training Institute

*Introduction to Tattooing & Body Piercing: (Admission Free)

1) A brief history of tattooing, and it's journey into modern culture.
2) Choosing a studio: What to look for, and what to avoid when seeking
your next body modification. (Brief discussion involving
cross-contamination, COMMON SENSE, & easily avoidable risks.)
3) The Industry Minimums: Training, standards, and minimums to look for
in an artist. (This will include a discussion involving
4) What to look for in portfolios, "Training Certificates", and medical
5) Easy to remember "Do's & Don'ts" in set-ups. (Tattooing & Body
6) TV, the Internet, and Rock-Stars: How tattooing has been influenced,
(Both positively & negatively) by pop-culture.
7) The importance of informed aftercare.
8) Tattoo & Piercings that don't work out too well.... (Size,
complexity, area)
9) Golden Rule: "You get what you pay for!" Why cheap tattoos aren't
good, and good tattoos aren't cheap.

(Admission $50.00) (This class will be limited to 40 students!)
1-2 Hours
This class will focus on not only tattoo cover-ups, but discuss other
options including "Removal", and combining techniques that work!
Examples will be discussed, and I will leave time for Q&A, with in-depth
answers. It will include the following subjects. Each section will be
approximately 10-20 minutes long.

1) Common cover-up mistakes, and how to avoid them.
2) Working with the piece, AND the clients ideas.
3) "The Laser", Dermabrasion, Surgical & Chemical removal: What's best
for each situation!
4) The Myths: What works, and what won't... and why!
5) Open Discussion: Pointers, and constructive criticism. Artists are
encouraged to bring in examples! We will also try and leave time for a
"Live example" of how theoretically approach several cover up's
BEGINNING TO END using information discussed during the class.
6) Taking good pictures of BEFORE & AFTER.
Artists that attend will receive an information packet, and a
certificate of attendance.

Tommy Rabid
Tommy been tattooing professionally since 1999, and body piercing since
1997. Since 2004, Tommy has worked over 50 conventions, and won
multiple awards in various categories across the US, and abroad.
(CATEGORIES: Black & Grey (male/female), Color (male & female), Portrait,
Cover-up, Best hand tattoo, Piercing, Best of Day, Best Studio, Best artist.)
Heis the owner/operator of "AGARU TATTOO & BODY PIERCING" (2 locations)
in the state of Delaware.  1-888-TATT2-4-U

Stephanie Bracker-Reggelsen is a freelance
photographer who is married to a tattoo artist. They own
and work at Everlasting Arts Tattoo Studio in Davenport,
IA. Stephanie has a Bachelor's degree in Biology. She
has course credit in photography from Marycrest
International University and Grand View College. She has
worked since 1999 with community and neighborhood
organizations, including Xstream Clean-up
( More recently,
Stephanie's photos placed during a Spring 2007 photo
contest at the Bickelhaupt Arboretum in Clinton, IA. You
can see those works at You can
contact Stephanie for more information at

1.        Cameras
2.        Technique
3.        Examples
4.        Q & A Session

I.  Getting the best photos for your portfolio.

II.  What type of camera should you use?

III  When do you take a photo of your work?

IV.  Why dry skin/no ointment?

V.   Positioning to take a photo.

VI.  Identify the problems

VII.  Practice Session

VIII.  Questions/Comments

Items needed from attendees:
Camera for practice session & photos you have taken.

Limit sizes to 10 artists per session (prefer artists only)

Items I will provide:
Laptop,Handouts, Pens,Multi-card reader