April 07    Awareness Ride

Things didn't look good for the 23rd Annual Bi-State Motorcycle Awareness ride set for this May 5th. The City
of Moline, IL,  who already have issued a Parade Permit was not going to offer any police protection along
the route. But due to a huge amount of support from multiple sources the City Council changed its mind but
only if the Bi State Motorcycle Awareness Council pays $1,400.00 to “cover” the costs for overtime etc of
Moline City Police Officers. The purpose of this ride is to remind the public that riding season is in full swing
and they need the publics help to promote driving safely. The ride starts in Davenport Iowa and ends in East
Moline at the Fair Grounds and is 14 miles long. When the first bikes are reaching the Fair Grounds the last
are just leaving. This is the largest Bi State ride of its kind. Last years ride had 2500 bikes with 3000 riders.
The support from the local community started strong Roger of Ducky’s Lagoon pledging $500.00 Indoor
Outdoor Productions (STURGIS on the River) offered support in many ways. A few others The Scorpion’s
Den and The Iron Horse Social Club with the Iron Horse Bike & Music Festival have pledged $100.00 each.
The Local Radio Station KUUL 101.7 really gave this cause a strong voice. Due to press time this is all the
information on the Moline City Council I will have more in next months issue. For more info on the ride please
visit www.awarenessride.com
July 07    Historic Downtown Savanna, IL
                        is Biker Friendly

Located along the bluffs and banks of the Mississippi River about 60 miles north of the Quad Cities on Hwy 84
also known as the Great River Road. Savanna with its slogan of “A Sportsman Paradise” is a charming old
river town. Many homes and buildings date back to the mid 1800’s. Most are showing their age while a few
have been restored to the former glory in which they were built so long ago. Savanna is surrounded with
natural beauty that will be hard to forget. Just to the north are the Mississippi Palisades Park and the famous
Indian Head rock formation. In town Marquette Park is right on the Mississippi River. Savannas location
makes it a great starting point to travel the surrounding area. With several great camping grounds and
motels finding a place to stay over night is easy.
Savanna has a long history connected with transportation, from the early riverboat days to the time of the
railroad and now with motorcycles. Motorcycles have long been in and around Savanna, but now the riders
are also from distant cities in all directions. What makes Savanna such an attraction to motorcyclists? Is it just
a place to pass through or might there be more? Could it be the location?  Some would say all the miles of
roads you can spends hour riding, and being able to stop along the way at so many other small towns. Then
there is the historic Downtown Main Street with close to a dozen, and growing, motorcycle friendly
establishments all within walking distance of each other. The relaxed setting of Cap’n Walts Speakeasy
Garage complete with a beer garden out front. The newly remodeled Whiskey River with all the NASCAR
action covered. You have to go down under Main Street to get to McCool’s. If you feel the need to express
yourself in song then C J’s is the place with karaoke also a full menu. Next door to C J’s is the local VFW. Open
late during the weekends is the Townhouse Restaurant home of the Biker Breakfast Special. Not to be
missed is The Iron Horse Social Club with 35 vintage motorcycles and cases and cases of memorabilia. Up
stairs is the motorcycle themed wedding chapel, the perfect place to hold your Biker Wedding. Opening soon
is Hog Dogs a bar & grill with a motorcycle mall featuring dozens of display cases and areas for vendors of all
kinds. Other businesses include a movie theater, beauty parlors, hardware, several good restaurants and a
country radio station. On the outskirts of town there are a couple more biker friendly establishments. The
Downtown of Savanna is the heart of the city. But it seems that City Hall has forgotten this. Like so many
other cities have done that, are now scrambling to reclaim the downtowns they had given up on. The city had
gotten the Wal-Mart bug. The give & help to something new and fresh, while forgetting its heart. It has done
more for some businesses away from its Downtown and not made it easy for those trying to keep the
downtown alive, forgetting its heart the very center of the city. The downtown can regain all of its charm and
beauty, but only with City Hall wanting it to do so and the work of everyone on Main Street. Savanna must
remember it roots as a HUB of transportation. A place to where people and things traveled to and from. The
motorcycles will always go through Savanna that will never change. Getting them to stay depends on how
Savanna treats them. But some of Savannas Downtown business owners are now working together now to
start a weekend kick off bike party. If more of the local businesses, with or without City Hall, would work
together Savanna would have all the things needed to become a real destination not just another stop along
the way to some where else.  
As always Ride Safe
Gery Schemel
                           SUPER CYCLE SHOW 2008

This past St Paddys Day Weekend in the new Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center Schaumburg IL the
24th Chicago Supercycle Show and Parts Expo was held. Parking was free and you didn’t have to walk half a
mile to get inside the event. The Renaissance staff was friendly, helpful and performed in a professional
manner. One of the big dogs from the venue staff even rides a bike and was thrilled to have the show there.
Getting there just before 10am on Saturday I was able to get a good parking spot since one of the many
early birders was leaving with an arm load of goodies. Once inside I was greeting by one of the R & B staff at
the early bird window and since I was there for many reasons he got me an escort to show where I was
going to first. Going through the “check point” the question about knifes was asked, and of course I had my
titanium Leatherman on my belt, to it put it in this box. I went right back to my car, good thing as the lights
were still on, and left it there.

Once inside I felt right at home, the overall feeling in the room was full of energy and yet mellow at the same
time. About half of the floor was filled with parts for bikes of all kinds and ages. The other half was mixed
with vendors offering the latest and hottest biker items to be found and of course a bike or two. The bike
show featuring $2,500 in cash awards was filled up. Returning again Ray Kittel of Ray’s M/C Show World
was the Chief Show Judge & Show Coordinator.

One of the larger vendors besides J&P was Condor Products. Teffy the owner was there with his crew selling
the Pit Stop Bike Chock. Condor Products just inked a deal with Triumph Motorcycles America Ltd. to supply a
Pit Stop / Trailer Stop with each new Triumph Motorcycle purchased during the Spring Open House April 22 –
On hand top name builders Dave Cook, Jerry Burrow, Dave Dupor along with 7 time AMA Grand National Flat
Track Champion Chris Carr, the man who piloted the BUB Lucky 7 Streamliner to a new world land speed
record of 350.88 MPH were doing meet n greets. I spent some time chatting with Jerry Burrow, he is a down
to earth kind of guy and class act not to mention a bad ass bike builder. Sunday Steve “Mongo” McMichael
from the Chicago Bear Superbowl team was signing autographs.

In the corner was the stage where the Ron LaPuma Band, sponsored again this year by the Iron Horse Bike
& Music Festival, played hard driving blues n rock through out the day. Ron and his band had the crowd
jamming and dancing with songs played from a super wide play list from my fav Ted Nugent to you name it.
At 4 pm the Tattoo contest was held with a good turn out of participants. They showed off their ink that
ranged from small pieces to large full backs. There was a respectable sized crowd, which was good since the
contest was based on crowd response.   
Of the things being said about the show, it was that the amount of used parts and number of used parts
vendors seemed to be down, that was mentioned most. While speaking with Dickie of R&B I brought up the
parts and he told me that they had to keep a balance of everything to maintain a broader appeal. Plus with
the growing interest in the older bikes, more parts are back where they were meant to be on the road & in
the wind.
So many reasons making this a good show; from seeing old friend, making new ones, checking out the latest
and greatest in products to some of the top builders in the motorcycle industry today. Then add in being
surrounded by the best of people you could find anywhere and you have one hell of a good time. I’m looking
forward to the show next year. See you there!
Gery Schemel
                                    Sturgis on the River 2007
                    The Mississippi River Motorcycle Rally

Always on Fathers Day Weekend never on Fathers Days is the tag line. This was number 13 for the event
now held in Davenport Iowa on the banks of the Mississippi River. From the humble beginnings in the Village
of East Davenport the Rally has grown to become the largest gathering of motorcycles in the Midwest. This
year’s entertainment was non-stop all 3 days. 3 stages of great music featuring such acts as Kings Kiss they
combine two of music’s greatest acts of all time Elvis & KISS, Jammerz giving Pure Rock that ROCKS, The
Gibbs Brothers, Blue Fuzzy Monkey, Sugar Nipples, Corporate Rock and several more for a total of 33 bands.
Mark Brenny as always did a great job putting this year’s music together. Returning for the 2nd year was the
Monster Energy Drink sponsored Ball of Steel Show, this group of young riders put on 8 shows one of which
was an extra performance. They not only have a huge ball of steel they ride around inside 3 at a time, but
also use a half pipe to do tricks and jumps and put on a great show of wheel standing and other incredible
stunts. Saturday night was time for the Extreme Challenge 79-Premiere Cage-Fighting with special guests
Former UFC heavyweight champion TIM SYLVIA and former UFC lightweight Champion JENS PULVER. Filming
the action was the production crew from the new reality show Tap Out. Set up next to the huge J & P Cycle
mobile showroom was Chopper College the Chopper Building Boot Camp out of Chicago. Headed by Tommy
“Clutch” Creal this young group of lifetime builders built an entire motorcycle during Sturgis on the River
which Clutch rode home. Chopper College has teamed up with The Ramova Brothers Band to form the Price
of Freedom Foundation to provide motorcycles to returning members of our military. Visit www.
choppercollege.com for more information about this program.
The Second Annual River Rat Bike Show, sponsored by the great guys at Big River Customs, was held on the
Mississippi river’s edge. Judging the show was “Big Schwag”, Randy Simpson from Milwaukee Iron and our
own “Little Wally” They had 5 classes with a total of $450 in cash plus the “RAT BIKE” winner also got 5 cans
of primer. The Scooter Girl contest was a huge hit again this year with an even dozen girls in the two
semifinals going down to 12 for the finals on Saturday night. Sorcia, from the Carriage Haus was this year’s
winner. She received $2000.00 in total cash & prizes. “Big Schwag” hosted all three contests. If riding was
something you wanted to they had 6 organized rides this year. The Renegade Pigs did a 130 mile run
covering the southern part of the Quad Cities. The Blackhawk A.B.A.T.E. chapter held a 110 mile River Fun
Run North, benefiting the Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities. A more relaxed run with 75 miles
was sponsored by Purgatory’s Pub in Bettendorf, Iowa. One of the best ideals for a ride was from the
Wheels of Freedom Motorcycle Club. They put together a Memorial Ride to benefit a local Veterans
Monument. The stops for this ride were all local Veterans Monuments with none being places to get a
“refreshment”. The Wheels of Freedom MC showed how much they support the Veterans by helping provide
security for the American Veterans Traveling Tribute Wall, which was set up in LeClaire Park just a short
distance from the rally grounds. A main goal of the Tribute's constant visibility is that it shall serve as a
continual reminder of America's veterans' dedication to freedom and that those who served shall not be
forgotten. For more information visit www.avtt.org
With over 100 vendors selling just about everything you could ever need or want and a dozen plus food
vendors. The selection of food was spread across your taste buds. Funnel cake to JUMBO corndogs and
more from US Food King. Mr. O’s was back with its Black N Blue Burger. Thinking Ribs? Local BBQ favorite Jim’
s Rib Haven had your answer. Cooking its Patty Melt Thickburger was presenting sponsor Hardee’s
Restaurants, all the profits made during the event went to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
From Daytona Beach Florida by way of Pattaya, Thailand John Sanchez better known as John’s Rock N Ride
was on hand. He brought along the best stuff from his Daytona Beach store and his great personality &
sense of style. He also was signing his limited numbered edition of his book America Yesterday & Today a
carefully selected collection of photographic icons which offer a panorama of American Life. It didn’t take
Johnny long to let his showmanship take over as he engaged most every one that passed by his booth and
became part of the action and excitement along the main drag. If you were looking for a tattoo or piercing
you had to see Bill and his crew from Davenport’s largest studio the Scorpions Den.
At the main intersection of the wide walkways, from high above the crowd at “Top of the World” was PIPES
the rally’s general announcer. His growling cry of “STUURRRRGISS ON THE RIVER” got the attention of
everyone as he kept them entertained and informed of all that was going on through out the entire event.
PIPES “Newly Patented” Coldest Beer Contest with Super Soakers kept in the beer tubs of the two main
beer tents. It made for the perfect contest for entertaining the crowd on the hot afternoons. The Choppers
Tent won both days. He also asked for the oldest riders and who rode the farthest. Ages ranged up to the
high 60’s for both male and female riders. One female rode from Nova Scotia. The states of Texas, Georgia,
Wisconsin even California, to name just few, had riders in attendance. The “Top of the World” was the
perfect place to throw shirts, hats and all else out to the crowd. With dozens of official event items, shirts
from the Scorpion’s Den and the Iron Horse Bike & Music Festival and merchandise from Custom Cycle Pros.
John’s Rock N Ride gave away tons of his cool merchandise. When he brought a huge box of American Flags
and started to give them out the crowd went wild. It was quite a site to see the entire crowd holding
American Flags. The Big Dogs from Hardee’s Restaurants along with the delicious Hardee’s Hotties, wearing
the “Walking Billboard” outfits, joined PIPES several times tossing out beads and coupons. The folks at
Indoor Outdoor Productions certainly put on another great rally for the 75,000 plus who attended. Be sure
to make your plans to attend next years rally June 12, 13, 14 2008.  I know I am going. See you there!
Just remember “Always on Fathers Day weekend but never on Fathers Day”.
As Always Ride Safe
Gery Schemel
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